Curly Hair: How to Embrace and Rock It – 5 Tips for Curly-Haired Men

Embracing the beauty of curly hair, this guide offers a comprehensive look at the different types of curls, how to identify your unique curl pattern, and essential care practices. these 5 tips are designed to help curly-haired men maintain healthy, beautiful curls with confidence.

Are you the lucky owner of a head full of curls that dance with each step and never fail to stand out in the crowd? 

If yes, then you also know the trials and tribulations that come with this natural bounty: the stubborn frizz, persistent dryness, and occasional breakage that sneak in uninvited and are determined to challenge your patience. 

Here’s the deal: maintaining curly hair isn’t just a routine, it’s a form of art and it requires the right arsenal of products to keep your coiled locks in check, healthy, and beautiful.

Our team at Menz Planet will educate you about the different types of curly hair, and share hair care advice for men with curly hair.

Understanding Curly Hair

Understanding Curly Hair
What Are the Essentials of Understanding Curly Hair?

Types of curls

There are three different types of curls: 

1. Wavy: This type of hair is neither too straight nor too curly they are in an S shape. This hairstyle is easier to manage than curly hair and easy to style. 

2. Curly: This type of hair is in a loop pattern. Some people have natural curls but some apply chemical processes to make their hair curly.

3. Coily: The difference between coily and curly hair is that they are more defined in ringlets and have more volume than curly hair.

Identifying curl pattern

Curl patterns are commonly categorized using the hair typing system developed by Andre Walker. The system ranges from type 2 (wavy) to type 4 (coily/kinky). Within each type, there are subcategories denoted by letters (a, b, c) that indicate the texture and tightness of the curls. Observe your hair and identify which type and subcategory best describe your curls.

Once you know your curl pattern, try out various hairstyles that complement your natural curls. 

Finding the right products

Finding the right product for your hair is important and difficult. Some people find it hard for themselves to look for products that are essential for their hair and end up getting the wrong product which damages their hair. 

Shampoo and conditioner: You need to have a specific shampoo and conditioner for your curly hair and it should be sulfate free because it can have a bad impact on your curls. 

Curl cream: You need to buy a curl cream for yourself if your hairs are curly because curly hair is often dry and has tangles. This curl cream will moisturize your curls but if you do not have a curl cream don’t worry apply honey or aloe vera for moisturizing. 

Oil: You need to apply it every once a week to make your hair hydrated and grow, for example, coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil.

Styling Curly Hair

Styling Curly Hair
How to Style Your Curly Hair?

Dampen and detangle

Detangle curly hair when it’s dry is very difficult and can break your hair when you comb it. The first step is to wet your hair then take a towel and remove the excess water. The second step is to comb your hair when your hair is damp. Make sure you apply a cream or a product that moisturizes your hair. 

Wetting your hair is the best way to detangle your hair. The wetter the hair the more conditioning product will absorb in your hair which will make it easier for you to by running fingers and comb through any hair knot in its way.  

Take Advantage Of Sea Salt Spray

While with a sea salt spray, you can achieve quite an impressive volume, this is not its only use. It makes your strands lifted up and more defined, which is why it is a perfect styling product for a beachy hairstyle. As the hold is medium and the finish is soft, you may not worry that your tresses will be crunchy. To make the most out of it, apply a sea salt spray on wet hair and create the curls with the fingers

Create the desired style

These are the best hairstyles that will look great on men

Equal Thin Curled Shag

It’s a hairstyle where the hair is cut into layers of the same length, and then the strands are curled to create a textured and shaggy look. The curls are thin and add a playful vibe to the overall style.

Dense Curly Shag With Temple Undercut

This hairstyle has thick, curly hair that is cut into layers to create a voluminous and textured look. The sides and back of the head have an undercut, specifically around the temples, which adds a cool and edgy touch to the overall style.

Forehead Falling Medium Curls

This hairstyle features medium-length curls that gently cascade down from the forehead. The curls add softness and movement to the hair, framing the face in an effortless and natural way.

Thin Curled Strands With Rusty Blonde Dye 

In this hairstyle, the hair strands are thin and curled to create a delicate and feminine appearance. Additionally, the hair is dyed in a rusty blonde shade, which gives it a unique and trendy touch.

Big Curls Shag With Undercut Taper

This hairstyle combines big and voluminous curls with an undercut taper. The curls create a glamorous and eye-catching look, while the undercut taper adds a modern and edgy element to the style.

If you want to create your own style for your hair you can decide what suits you best. 

Maintenance of Curly Hair

Maintenance of Curly Hair
How to Maintain Your Curly Hair?

Try protective styling

Protective styling helps lock in moisture and prevent your curls from any further damage caused by styling and your environment.  Afro-textured hair is a protective hairstyle and braids.

Regularly moisturize and condition

To maintain your hair for styling you should follow these:

1. cleanse your hair. 

2. Deep condition your hair.

3. Moisturize your hair and finally comb it and make whatever style you want to make.

men with curly hairstyles have to face many challenges but it’s worth it. These are the tips to maintain your curly hair like curl-defining cream, detangling your hair when it’s wet, moisturizing your hair, and avoiding heat styling tools. By taking care of curly hair with these tips you can rock this curly hair with confidence and ease. 

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