10 Best Fringe Haircuts For Men: Top Hairstyles 2023

Let’s redefine your hairstyle with a different and better look i.e. fringe haircut, to rock in a stylish world. A fringe haircut not only provides a frame to your face but also adds a modern twist to your overall presentation, allowing your personality to shine in the modern world. This can transform your look dramatically. Let’s go through the guide, in which we have the 10 best game-changer haircuts with endless options from ordinary to extraordinary lifestyles:

Why Fringe Haircuts are Trending in 2023

Fringe haircuts are trending nowadays with a grand comeback this year.

The fringe haircut is not just a trend; it is a revolution. Celebrities and influencers like Timothee Chalamet and David Beckham are showcasing a variety of fringe styles. They’ve brought this classic look back into the limelight. 

Types of Fringe Haircuts

1. Classic Fringe

Classic Fringe


The Classic fringe is a timeless elegance that offers you a neat and clean look that suits everyone with versatility.  Classic fringe mostly suits persons having oval and round shape faces, to keep the style constant you can use light holding gel to keep the fringe in the desired place without creating greasy hairs

2. Textured Fringe

Textured Fringe

Textured Fringe adds some dimension and depth to your look. It is for the elevation of your style without going overboard. The men with Square and oblong face shapes were categorized as suitable face shapes for the textured fringe. To style textured fringe, you can use a texturizing spray to add oomph-like extra flair. 

3. Angular Fringe

Angular Fringe


Angular Fringe is a daring fringe, perfect for bold and dramatic men, and those who want to stand out from the crowd to look different.  The angular fringe is best for the heart and diamond-shaped faces of men. To maintain the angular fringe you can use a strong-hold pomade

 4. Short Afro Hair With Fringe

Short Afro Hair With Fringe

A short Afro hair with fringe is a modern version of a classic Afro hairstyle. Short afro hair fringe that falls naturally over the forehead. Short afro hair fringe exudes a casual cool sense with low maintenance. Short afro hair with fringe suits best on men with oval and round face shapes. The fringe adds a layer to the texture which balances the round shape while the short afro will add volume and depth to the hairstyle. Short afro hairs can be styled through a wide comb and curl-enhancing cream to define the proper shape of curls and light hold gel to keep the fringe in a properly adjusted place. 

5. Curly Long Hair With Fringe

Curly Long Hair With Fringe

The curly long hair with fringe is an adventurous style that tends your natural curls to take center stage. The long curls add a touch of youthfulness in bold men. Curly long hairs with fringe are ideal for men with square or rectangular face shapes. As the curl hairs and fringe soften the angular feature of men. Curly fringe can be maintained by curl-defining cream or serum and light holding spray to hold the curl in the proper place. 

6. Mid Fade With Textured Fringe

Mid Fade With Textured Fringe

Mid fade with textured fringe adds a modern edge to the traditional mid fade. Mid fade with textured fringe is a sophisticated hairstyle suitable for various occasions. Mid fade with textured fringe is suitable on oval and heart-shaped faces with its versatility. You can style your mid-fade hair with fringe hairstyle through texturing spray on damp hair snap styling products to hold texture in place.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

7. Long-Length Wavy Fringe

Long-Length Wavy Fringe

Long-length wavy fringe is a romantic hairstyle, perfect for men who want a laid-back artistic look. The suitable face for long lengthy wavy fringe is a long and oval face shape. This hairstyle can be maintained by spray to keep the wave and fringe in place. 

8. Forward-Styled Fringe

Forward-Styled Fringe

Forward-styled fringe is a contemporary look by creating a fringe to cover the forehead. This forward-styled fringe adds a modern touch to your appearance and youthful look. This style is best for round and square-face-shaped men as a forward-styled fringe can help elongate the face. This style can be maintained by using matte finish products to stick the style in its place. 

9. Side-parted Fringe with Short Sides

Side-parted Fringe with Short Sides

The side parted fringe with short sides is a classic and elegant style having a deep side part and fringe at one side whale complemented short hair at the sides. Side parted fringe with short sides is the ideal hairstyle for men with oval and heart-shaped faces, as this hairstyle adds symmetry and balance to the face. This style can be maintained by using a tooth comb for creating a deep side part, medium holding styling products to hold the style while hair prays to add a shine to hair. 

10. Wavy Fringe

Wavy Fringe

The wavy fringe is a relaxed and casual hairstyle by maintains natural waves and adds a fringe. This makes you look cool with an effortless touch. Wavy fringe is a versatile hair style that works well on most of the face either its oval or rectangular faces. This style can be maintained by spraying the damp hairs and light-holding gel to add a wave in place. 

How to Choose the Right Fringe Haircut

As your face plays a crucial role in determining your personality on first look. So choosing which fringe will suit you, and your face will help you a lot in selecting it. Fringe has a variety of hairstyles depending on the natural textures of hair whether it is straight, curly, or wavy hairs, there is a fringe for you in all cases to enhance your look. So always choose the best hairstyle that not only suits your hair’s textures but also your personality and lifestyle for easy maintenance. 

Styling Tips for Fringe Haircuts

1. Products to use: A good pomade and styling cream can be used as an essential element to style the fringe.

2. Styling techniques: blow drying can be used as a styling technique to add volume and shape to the hairstyle. 

3. Maintenance Tips: you can maintain your fringe haircuts with regular trims so that the fringe looks fresh. 

 Common Mistakes to Avoid

The most common mistakes men make while selecting the fringe are that they choose the wrong hair length, don’t notice their facial shape, they not consider their hair texture, sometimes style their selves and the most common mistake is that neglect to maintain their style through regular trimming. 

Expert Opinions

The hair-stylish John Doe said “ Choosing the right fringe is like choosing the right pair of glasses—it can change your entire look,” 

Another hair stylist Jane Smith advises that “Your fringe is the frame of your face. Choose wisely, and it can redefine your entire look,” 


Here was the visit of ins and outs of the best fringe haircuts for men which were reported as the most popular fringe in 2023. We have covered all aspects of understanding fringe haircuts to explore the myriad of styles revealed this year.

Now it’s your turn to spotlight and redefine your style by focusing on the details provided and don’t be afraid of experimenting, select the best fringe that will suit you perfectly. 


1. How often do I trim my fringe?

You should trim your fringe every 3 to 4 weeks for proper maintenance of haircut.

2. What is a Fringe haircut?

 A fringe haircut is characterized by the cutting of the front section of hair so that it falls over the forehead. It can be side-swept, textured, straight, or wavy depending on the natural hair texture. 

3. What face shape suits Frings?

Fringe is suitable for a variety of face shapes but the best way which is recommended is to consult the hairstylist, who will advise you on the best fringe that suits you according to your face shape and features. 

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