Men’s Curtain Hair: A 2023 Guide from Origins to Styling Tips

The versatile look which was capturing men’s attention across generations. A timeless classic, the curtain hairdo is experiencing an incredible renaissance. Across generations, men are becoming interested in this adaptable style that is no longer merely a throwback to the ’90s. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to wear this look today, as well as about its interesting origins and the science underlying its attractiveness.

Are you prepared to become an attraction and leave an indelible mark? Once considered the crown jewel of ’90s celebrity hairstyles, the curtain cut is back and more daring than before. This hairdo is more than simply a hairstyle. It’s an expression that blends modern sophistication with a touch of vintage charm. This comprehensive guide is your key to pulling off the ideal curtain hairdo, regardless of your level of style experience or lack thereof. Get comfortable as we go deeply into the realm of curtain hairstyles, covering everything from their fascinating history to the physics behind their allure.

The Evolution of the Curtain Hairstyle

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The curtain hairstyle originated in the late 19th century. A curtain hairstyle is a representation of intelligence and sophistication. Curtain hairstyles are the perfect combination of carefree charm and teenage revolt, imposing an impact as a mixture of cultural trends in the modern world.  

The Science Behind the Perfect Curtain Hairstyle

Hair types suitable for curtain hairstyles

Curtain hairstyle is extremely versatile in its nature as it creates a perfect stylish look for men who like medium-length hair and straight to slightly wavy hair in nature. 

The importance of face shape

It is necessary that, when choosing any style, you focus on your face shape. Curtain hairstyle practically suits every face shape but men with oval and square faces look special with a curtain hairstyle as it highlights your natural features by adding balance and symmetry. 

Expert opinions on how the curtain hairstyle works

Experts in hair care concur that the curtain haircut’s timeless appeal stems from due to its adaptability and low upkeep, which makes it a popular option for contemporary guys.

How to Choose Your Curtain Hairstyle

Face shape and natural hair type are the main components that should be kept in mind while choosing a curtain hairstyle. A curtain hairstyle is best for every face shape. Choose a role model who aesthetically attracts you, whether it’s an iconic look, i.e., Brad Pitt or Timothee Chalamet’s. Visit your salon or expert barber to ask him about the parting styles according to your facial features and natural hair texture by maintaining layers in different hair lengths. 

Styling Tips for the Modern Man

For a more natural look, use light pomades or styling creams. Steer clear of thick gels that could make your hair appear oily. You can maintain your curtains’ style and freshness with proper routine trimmings and conditioning treatments. There are different tips for different hairstyles, i.e., for curly hairs, you can use a curl-defining cream for wavy hairs, you can use a light hold gel that works wonders; and for straight hairs, you can use sea salt spray to add a textured finish. 

Celebrity Inspirations: A Look Through the Ages

Johnny Depp  and Kurt Cobain curtain hairstyle

There are many legends who supported the curtain hairstyle, from Kurt Cobain’s grunge aesthetic to Johnny Depp’s bohemian flair. Modern celebrities like Harry Styles, Zac Efron, and other contemporary stars are adding a new life to the modern world of hairstyles. 

DIY: How to Achieve the Curtain Hairstyle at Home

Step-by-step guide

  1. First of all, wash and condition your hair.
  2. Apply a styling product to maintain a style
  3. Use a proper comb for natural texture
  4. Blow dry your hair to shape your curtain style
  5. Apply a finishing spray to hold your hair properly for style 

Products needed

The products or materials required for styling the curtain hairstyle are styling cream, pomade, and finishing spray. These requirements depend on the natural hair texture for straight hair styling cream will be best to style the curtain hairstyle, and for straight hair, light styling cream will be best for styling the curtain hairstyle.

Common mistakes to avoid

There are common mistakes men make while achieving a particular hairstyle and maintaining that hairstyle. These mistakes are overusing the products at the time of achieving the curtain hairstyle and neglecting regular trimming to maintain the hairstyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often should I visit the barber?

You should visit the barber every 4 to 6 weeks for optimal maintenance.

  1. Can I pull off a curtain hairstyle with a beard?

Yes, you can pull off a curtain hairstyle with a well-groomed beard. This can complement the curtain hairstyle beautifully. 

  1. What are some quick styling tips for busy mornings?

The quick styling tips for busy mornings are dry shampoo or texturizing spray to add on a refreshed look in seconds.


It is a timeless classic hairstyle that is convenient and easy to maintain this universally flattering look. Curtain hairstyle suits everyone in different professions and suits all lifestyles, whether you select classic, messy, short, or layered curtains. It is not just a fad. It’s the perfect time to rock the curtain hairstyle, whether you’re returning to it or trying it for the first time. Curtain hairstyle continues to evolve as a choice for styling look in men with any shaped face with different hair textures and hair length. 

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