Dry Hair: 5 Simple Steps to Restore Shine and Strength

Have you ever run your fingers through your hair, only to find that it feels more like straw than silk? Or does your mane lack the luster it once had, leaving it looking dull and lifeless?

Look no further! We have the perfect solution to transform your dry locks into luscious, healthy strands. But first, you have to understand, that the nature of dry hair is the key to restoring its vitality and regaining that coveted shine.

Dry hair simply lacks the necessary moisture or oil to maintain its natural shine and texture. It serves as an undeniable sign of hair damage, leaving individuals grappling with unruly and fragile strands. 

Let us uncover the factors contributing to this condition:

Excessive Shampooing: Regular use of shampoo can strip away the natural oils produced by the scalp, resulting in dryness.

Overuse of Styling Equipment: Frequent and prolonged use of hair dryers and other styling tools can contribute to increased dryness in the hair.

Dry Climate Conditions: Changes in climate, such as dry air, can be a significant factor causing dryness in the hair.

In this article, our team at Menzplanet will provide you with information about dry hair and its symptoms, and the treatment to prevent it.

Symptoms of Dry Hair.

What Dry Hair Looks Like: Key Signs

Changes in Hair Texture:

The first symptom that gradually appears or the first thing that you start noticing about your hair is the texture of your hair. Because of the dryness, the hair becomes dull and flat and has no shine making the hair tangled and having a brittle texture.


The second symptom that starts to appear on the scalp is dandruff. It looks like a snowflake but in a smaller size. It slowly begins to settle in your scalp blocking the pores and can also result in an infection.

Hair Breakage:

The third symptom is hair breakage. This means that the hair starts to fall because the flaky layer that is settled in your scalp blocks the oil from reaching the pores which makes your hair weak and unhealthy. When you brush or comb your hair even if you run your fingers through the hair aggressively your hair starts falling which can result in baldness.

Prevention of Dry Hair.

How to Keep Your Hair from Getting Dry


To prevent yourself from dry hair you need to make some lifestyle changes. Firstly, diet is a strong aspect which can make your hair strong and healthy. You need to eat Biotin rich foods or food that has protein in it for example egg, chicken, fish, steak, milk, hazelnuts, and many more these ingredients will make your hair healthy and strong and drink as much water as you can to make your hair hydrated.

Avoiding Heat Styling:

As we have discussed above overuse of heat styling or excessive heat styling can make your hair dry for this you need to avoid heat styling and use the products that make your hair moisturize and healthy. if you want to heat style your hair, for example, straighteners or blow dryers use them only for an event, or if wanna look attractive at a formal dinner.

Treatment of Dry Hair.

Use of Natural Oils:

To make your dry hair go the best option is oiling. You should oil your hair twice in one week with herbal oil or olive oil and massage your head so that the hair should absorb all the oil which will result in strong and healthy hair.

Professional Treatments:

Professional treatment is necessary when you have tried all the options and still your hair looks dry then you need to consult with the hair specialist he might recommend you some medicines or treatment for your hair.

In the end, you have to take good care of your hair some common problems arise but you should know how to troubleshoot them. Men with smooth and moisturize hair look more attractive than men who have dry and brittle hair and do not care about them.

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