Fade Haircut Number 2: Discover the Top 4 Stylish Looks and Styling Tips

Most men think what’s a fade haircut, should we give it a try or not? Let us tell you, a fade haircut is a cutting technique that is used in many haircuts. The ‘fade’ part refers to the way the hair is graduated at the back and sides using different cutting lengths to achieve a smooth transition between longer and shorter hair.

 In this article, our team at Menz Planet will provide you with information about fade haircut number 2, and tips and tricks on how to style them.

What is the Fade Haircut Number 2?

Defining the fade haircut number 2

A number 2 fade haircut is when the sides and back of your hair are cut to a 1/4 inch length using the no 2 setting on your clippers.  However, a fade has different variations such as a low fade, high fade, quick fade, box fade, side fade, skin fade, and many more. 

Popular styles that work well with it

Crew Cut with Number 2 Fade

Crew Cut with Number 2 Fade is a classic and timeless hairstyle that has been around for decades and gives a classy and sophisticated gentleman’s look. 

If you want to keep your hair out of your face while still looking stylish, a Number Two Fade with a bun is a great option. It also gives you an old Viking vibe.

Crew Cut with Number 2 Fade haircut

Number 2 Fade Buzz Cut

It is one of the most masculine hairstyles for men because it makes your appearance stand out from the crowd. It is also easy to maintain, so you don’t have to spend money on hair products for styling.

Number 2 Fade Buzz Cut

Slicked Back with number 2 fade

Slicked Back with number 2 fade is a modern-day slick back.  A hairstyle that combines slicked-back hair on top with a faded haircut on the sides and back of the head, using a number 2 clipper guard. 

Slicked Back with number 2 fade

Pompadour with number 2 fade

Pompadour with number 2 fade is a stylish and retro-inspired haircut. In this haircut, the sides are faded down to a number 2 while leaving the hair on top longer. The longer hair on top is styled up and back to create the signature pomp shape.

Pompadour with number 2 fade

Factors to Consider

Face Shape

With billions of population, there are also a variety of different facial structures. First and foremost you should have a better understanding of your face shape in order to create a better hairstyle for yourself. As per research here are the few face shapes: Oval Face Shape, Square Face Shape, Heart Face Shape, and. So choose the hairstyle or haircut according to your face shape.

Hair Type

After a basic understanding of your face shape, you should also have in-depth knowledge of your hair type. Some hair types can carry the weight of some styles and vice versa. It’s up to you what type of haircut you want and whether it will suit your hair type or not.

Communicating with Your Barber/Stylist

Effective communication tips

To get your desired hairstyle, it would be preferable if you vocalize your needs and communicate with your barber by mentioning specific details, also the barber will provide you with some details that which type of haircut will go with your facial structure. 

Bringing a Picture

If you like a hairstyle and you don’t think that you can manage to make your barber understand what type of haircut it is. For this, there is an easy solution you can  bring the picture so that the barber can cut your hair according to that hairstyle

Specifying the Hair Length

When your barber starts cutting your hair you can advise or tell him what kind of hair length you specifically want. It is important to communicate with your barber otherwise you will be not happy with your haircut.

Maintenance and Care

Regular trimming

Men should trim their hair once in two weeks which will make their hair grow healthy and strong. Trimming will help to keep you free from any split ends, which will result in the stoppage of hair growth.

Product recommendations

For styling your hair choosing the right hair products is important for example clay, wax, gel, and hair spray are the products to style a haircut.

In the end, the fade haircut number 2 represents a classic and timeless style choice for men. Its versatility, clean appearance, and ease of maintenance have contributed to its enduring popularity.

 Whether you prefer a sophisticated look or a more casual vibe, the fade haircut number 2 offers a range of styling options suitable for different occasions and personal preferences. 

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