21 Best Flat Top Haircuts for Men Top Hairstyles 2023

Explore the evolution of the Flat Top Haircut, from its World War II origins to today's modern variations. Discover 21 styles that redefine this iconic men's hairstyle.

Definition of the Flat Top Haircut

The word “Flat top” is self-explanatory but when it is used for a haircut then it becomes tricky how hairs can be flat. It is characterized by sharp lines, and standing hairs on top of the hair. It is the iconic hairstyle in which the haircut is organized so that hairs are cut down flatly and arranged on top of the head. This hairstyle is short at the back and sides due to its sharp appearance it gives a prominent and structured look to the facial features. This style of haircut never goes out of the style in market. 

Historical Perspective

The flat-top haircut originated in barracks during World War II. It first appeared in the US, as a standard haircut of the US military. The neat, precise appearance was symbolic of the military’s strict discipline. Afterward, it was eventually followed by popular cultures and was embraced by several subcultures in the US and later the UK.

This haircut has made its space in different cultures as a rebellion, it is categorized into different types:

Best Flat Top Haircuts

1. Classic Flat Top

This is the original style that has remained timeless. It is elegant in its simplicity and refinement offering a clean, masculine vibe of men’s personality.

 Classic Flat Top

2. Military Flat Top

For a more dramatic appearance, this pure form has sides that are skin-faded and tight which is favored in armed forces. 

Military Flat Top

3. The modern flat top

It is flexible incorporating an asymmetrical haircut that approaches with a less pronounced crown, giving it a more unified appearance. 

The modern flat top

4. Short Flat Top

For those seeking simplicity, it is a minimalist haircut with having classic touch having the top extra short with skin removed from the back and sides. It suits the men who want a sharp maintenance look. 

Short Flat Top

5. Flat Top with Beard

A beard perfectly balances the angularity of the flat top with rugged facial hairs.

Flat Top with Beard

6. Fade Flat Top

A striking design adds a modern twist to a flat top that needs to maintain the faded appearance with a gradient effect. 

Fade Flat Top

7. Curly Flat Top

This style is flattering on curly hair and adds a touch of modernity to celebrate the natural texture of hair.

 Curly Flat Top

8. Flat Top Mullet

This powerful statement blends two distinctive styles.

Flat Top Mullet

9. Flat Top for Receding Hairline

This hairstyle skillfully shapes the hair to draw attention away from a receding hairline. Simply this hairstyle can be used as a coverage for thin hairs. 

 Flat Top for Receding Hairline

10. Flat Top Boogie

Flat Top Boogie Features a longer length at the front and gets shorter at the back. This can be comprised of a classic configuration as a haircut with round corners and soft edges. 

Flat Top Boogie

11. High Flat Top

The high flat top Has more length on the crown, giving it a pronounced, boxy look to grab attention away from the classic version.

 High Flat Top

12. Long Flat Top

Long flat top Maintains uniform lengthy strands across all hairs. This hairstyle is for those who love the volume with a top styled upright. 

Long Flat Top

13. Flat Top with Design:

Flat top with design Introduces an additional design on the faded sides for an added flair for a unique look. 

Flat Top with Design

14. Flat Top with Hard Part

This hairstyle has distinct parting depth and contrast by a precise line or parting neat cuts to create a smoothness. 

Flat Top with Hard Part

15. Flat Top with Fenders

It is a nod to the retro styles of the 50s and 60s characterized by the distinct growth around the ear. 

Flat Top with Fenders

16. Rockabilly Flat Top

This style captures the distinctive appearance of the rockabilly movement with a roll scene. 

Rockabilly Flat Top

17. Semi-Flat Top

It is a more understated and condensed version of haircut for those who hesitate to go full throttle so the conventional flat top is the more relaxed haircut for them.

Semi-Flat Top

18. Flat Top with Pompadour

As far as top and pompadour are two different styles, This haircut is a union of these two styles to create a structured flat top configuration. 

 Flat Top with Pompadour

19. Flat Top Dreads

A unique merge of dreads with the foundational flat top. Most commonly followed in Africa like showcasing the cultural pride. 

Flat Top Dreads

20. Dyed Flat Top

This style introduces color or bleach as a game changer for a contemporary twist. It depends upon the shade used as a dying according to the face structure and complexion of the skin to add on a traditional look. 

Dyed Flat Top

21. Flat Top with Extended Sides

This haircut offers that lets the sides grow a bit more, creating a softer contrast with the flat top retaining the iconic flat crown.

 Flat Top with Extended Sides

General Guide on How to Cut and Style a Flat Top Haircut

The flat top remains a favorite among men who want to maintain a standout look. When you aim to self-groom and want to learn a technique to craft the perfect flat top. First of all, you have to prepare yourself for a haircut with different tools i.e. hair clippers with multiple guards, a hair comb with fine teeth, scissors, hair gel, and a mirror. After preparation let’s start a haircut by following the mentioned steps:

  1. Damped the hair
  2. Trim the side of the head for a sharp look
  3. Define the top after marking the sharp lines of the border by shaving
  4.  Sculp the flat top
  5. Final Touch of shaving or trimming
  6. Wash and dry
  7. Apply a Gel or spray for shaping
  8. Final look

It is clear that any skill when performed like cutting, or styling needs practice. As “practice makes a man perfect” through practice, you can get a perfect haircut whatever your choice. 

After exposure to different hair textures, you will become more familiar with the process and you will be able to achieve better results progressively according to the desire.  

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