Rectangle Face Shape: The Do’s and Don’ts of Complete Styling for Men

Are you ready to discover the secrets to enhancing your natural charm? When you have a fashion choice and must select the right hairstyle, face shape is one of the most critical factors that impact your overall appearance and personality. Men with rectangular face shapes have a unique feature that can be highlighted by choosing the right hairstyle. 

Are you ready to unlock the best styles for you with a rectangular face shape? Let’s travel through the intriguing world of rectangular face shapes so you will know everything about rectangular face shapes for men, which will help you explore the aesthetic advantage of rectangular faces, i.e., identify and select the perfect hairstyle and beard to groom your personality.  

Characteristics of a Rectangle Face Shape

Characteristics of a Rectangle Face Shape

The rectangular face shape stands out due to the similar width of the forehead and jawline and the straight sides of our faces, which complete the geometric equation. A rectangular face shape is characterized by roughly the exact width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. But how would you analyze whether rectangular face shapes differ from other shapes? Let’s unravel the data in it. 

How to Confirm You Have a Rectangle Face Shape  

How to Confirm You Have a Rectangle Face Shape

Tools you’ll need

  1. Measuring tape for measuring the surface
  2. Mirror to see parallel and proper placement of Measuring tape
  3. Pen and Notepad for writing detailed measurements

  Step-by-step guide for measurements

1. Measure Your Forehead: Stand in front of the mirror and place a measuring tape on the broadest part of your forehead, i.e., your eyebrows and hairline. 

How to Measure Your Forehead

2. Measure Your Cheekbones: Take the measuring tape and measure the surface across the highest points of the cheekbones, i.e. just below the outer corner of each eye. 

How to Measure Your Cheekbones

3. Measure Your Jawline: Place one end of measuring tape on the base of your jaw and the second end below your ear, and write down the measurements. 

How to Measure Your Jawline

4. Measure Your Face Length: Measure the face length from the top of your forehead, i.e., the middle of your hairline, to the tip of your chin straight down over the tip of your nose. 

How to Measure Your Face Length

Benefits of Having a Rectangle Face Shape

The rectangle face shape is thrilling for starters, and its angular features give it cinematic charm.  

 Best Hairstyles for a Rectangle Face Shape

Short Hairstyles: The best short hairstyles for the Rectangle Face shape are Crew Cut

 Buzz Cut.

Medium Hairstyles: The best  Medium hairstyles for the Triangle Face shape are the Side part and the Quiff.

Long Hairstyles: The best long hairstyles for a Rectangle Face shape are Man Bun and Loose Waves.

Hairstyles to avoid: A man with a rectangular face should steer clear of flare tops and full sleeves. Rectangular face shapes should avoid the style that causes the elongated effect on the face 

Ideal Beard Styles for a Rectangle Face Shape

  Beard styles that compliment: Goatee and Short Beard.

  Avoid long hair and a full beard for men with rectangular faces because it gives the appearance of a more elongated face. 

Choosing the Right Glasses for a Rectangle Face Shape

  Frame shapes that work well with the rectangular face shape are

  1. Round frame
  2. Aviator framed

  Frame shapes to avoid rectangular faces are square and geometric frames.

How to Pick the Perfect Hat for a Rectangle Face Shape

  Types of hats that complement: 

  1. Fedora, it is best to add a classic touch
  2. Trilby is preferred for a more trendy and casual look

  Types of hats to avoid:

  1. boater hats and flat caps will not suit your face

Tips for Photography and Selfies

  The best angle for a rectangle face shape is a 45-degree angle to capture the best side of the face.

  Lighting Tips: Natural lighting is best for highlighting the features.

Celebrities with Rectangular Face Shapes

Eddie Redmayne & Tom Brady face shape

  list of well-known figures:

  1. Eddie Redmayne has a rectangular face shape and opts for side-swept bangs or side parts to add some width to the sides of the face, and he also keeps facial hairs to add to his jawline. 
  2. Tom Brady maintains short and neat hair with pompadour. He tries to add some height and balance the width of his face.



  1.   Should I have facial hair with a rectangular face shape?

             Yes, facial hair suits a rectangular face shape, as it adds volume and works well to balance the face proportions.

  1. Can I change my face shape?

            No, you can’t change your face shape, like bone structure, but you can use different hairstyles and beard styles to balance your features according to your requirements.


If you have a rectangular face, then you should be professional in styling your hair and selecting the perfect accessories. You have all the essential facial shape information that will suit you best and enhance your personality. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and rock in the field of fashion with a rectangular face. 

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