Triangle Face Shape: The Do’s and Don’ts of Complete Styling for Men

Have you ever noticed that while standing in front of the mirror and making certain hairstyles don’t suit you? The secret could be as simple as understanding the face shape, especially the triangular shape. By knowing how to promote your unique feature, you can change the game in a world where first impressions are often made in the blink of an eye. 

Welcome to the compressive guide that will help you enhance the art of supplementing your specific face shape. This guide has covered all the aspects, i.e., the ideal haircut, beard style, and even sunglasses. Understanding the face shape is essential for personal grooming, styling, and even self-expression. Let’s step into the transformative journey to elevate your style and boost your confidence with a triangular face shape. 

Characteristics of a Triangle Face Shape

A man with a broader jawline, narrower cheekbones, and a narrow forehead characterizes a triangular face shape. This shape is significantly different from other face shapes like oval, square, and heart. Its name highlights its features that it is unique in its angular look and tapering effect from the jawline up to the forehead. A pronounced jawline gives a masculine appeal, a less prominent cheekbone can give a good structure, and the forehead is the narrowest part of the face. 

How to Confirm You Have a Triangle Face Shape

How to Confirm You Have a Triangle Face Shape

Tools you’ll need

  1. A clear mirror
  2. A flexible Measuring Tape
  3. A pen to note down 
  4. Notepad

Step-by-step guide for measurements

1. Measure Your Forehead:

Measure Your Forehead


Stand in front of the mirror and place a measuring tape on the broadest part of your forehead, i.e. your eyebrows and hairline. Write down the measurement. 

2. Measure Your Cheekbones: 

Measure Your Cheekbones


 Take the measuring tape and measure the surface across the highest points of the cheekbones, i.e. just below the outer corner of each eye. 

3. Measure Your Jawline:

Measure Your Jawline


Place one end of measuring tape on the base of your jaw and the second end below your ear write down the measurements

4. Measure Your Face Length

Measure Your Face Length


Measure the face length from the top of your forehead, i.e., the middle of your hairline, to the tip of your chin straight down over the tip of your nose. 

Benefits of Having a Triangle Face Shape

The man with a triangle face shape has a specific set of aesthetic advantages. The angular and prominent jawline is a sign of attraction and masculinity. Triangle face shape has versatility in the world of styling, whether it’s hairstyles, beard styles, or sunglasses. Triangular face shape has the advantage of highlighted features in photography to create a striking profile.  

Best Hairstyles for a Triangle Face Shape

Short hairstyles: The best short hairstyles for the Triangle Face shape are crew cut, and Buzz Cut.

Buzz Cut for triangle shape

Medium hairstyles: The best  Medium hairstyles for the Triangle Face shape are Shaggy  Layers and side parts.

side part cut for triangle face

Long hairstyles:  The best long hairstyles for a Triangle Face shape are Long layers of a man Bun.

man Bun for triangle face

Hairstyles to avoid: The hairstyles to avoid for a Triangle Face shape are Bowl cut and flat top.

Ideal Beard Styles for a Triangle Face Shape

Beard styles that complement: Goatee, short boxed beard

Beard styles to avoid: full beard, chin strap

Choosing the Right Glasses for a Triangle Face Shape

Frame shapes that work well for a triangle face shape are round and aviator.

Frame shapes to avoid a triangle face shape are square and geometric.

How to Pick the Perfect Hat for a Triangle Face Shape

Types of hats that complement a triangle face shape are Fedora and Panama.

Types of hats to avoid for triangle face shapes are bucket hats and flat caps.

Tips for Photography and Selfies

The best angles in photography for a triangle face shape are a 45-degree angle

Lighting should be soft to highlight the jawline.

Celebrities with Triangle Face Shapes

Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake face shape

List of well-known figures with Triangle face shape:

  1. Ryan Gosling has a triangle face shape. He maintains the longer-length crew cut.
  2. Justin Timberlake has a triangle face shape. He maintains short fade cuts, specifically on both sides and back, while leaving long hairs on top. 

 As mentioned above, it is clear that most of these celebrities with triangle face shapes opt for short to medium-length hairstyles while bread style keeps the minimalistic beard. 


  1. What is a triangle-shaped face?

  A triangle-shaped face is the featured face which structures the face according to the triangle in geometry. The man with a broader forehead and narrow, sharp jawline will characterised as a triangle-shaped face.

  1. Should I avoid certain hairstyles with a triangle face shape?

  yes, men with triangle-shaped faces should avoid certain hairstyles, i.e. heavy blunt bangs, which can prominent the forehead and make a wider forehead. 


Your triangle face shape should significantly embrace your aesthetic appeal, and it opens a wide range of options for styling. For the perfect look, it is necessary to know your unique triangle face shape so that you can choose a hairstyle and beard that boosts your personality. So what are you waiting for? Unlock the potential of your triangle face shape today.

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