Top 10 Mullet Haircuts for Men: The Unmissable Styles & Guide of 2023

Do you remember heroes had excellent haircuts in old movies, short in front and long in back? That haircut is known as Mullet. Do you think it’s old-fashioned? No, dear friend, it’s not old, just think again, it’s back in the market better than ever in 2023. Today’s mullet is a fresh, stylish, stunning haircut that grooms men’s personalities everywhere. Are you ready to discover the hottest hair trends of the year? 

The Mullet hairstyle solidified its position as a timeless hairstyle in the 1970s and 1980s by transforming, adapting, and adjusting different variations under the single umbrella of the Mullet hairstyle. The mullet has experienced a fantastic comeback as of 2023, with contemporary twists making it more adaptable and fashionable. Let’s explore the fascinating world of men’s mullet hairstyles!  This article examines the top mullet haircut styles for guys in 2023.

History of the mullet haircut

Even though the mullet may have its roots in ancient civilizations, it was in the 1970s and 1980s that it finally evolved into its contemporary shape. During this time, there was ground-breaking music, a change in culture, and rebellious fashion trends. The mullet, which had a shorter front and projected a neat, respectable face while having a wild, unruly party in the rear, came to represent the mindset of this time period.

Why it’s Making a comeback

Fashion has a strange propensity for going back in time. Hairstyles have been carried into the stream by the recent trend of enthusiasm for the past, which also includes vinyl recordings and vintage apparel in a world where transient digital trends rule, a new generation seeking authenticity embraces the mullet, a mark of individualism.

What is a Mullet Haircut?

Shorter hair in the front and sides and visibly longer hair in the back define this style.

Essential traits: Beyond the difference in length, the mullet’s transition, whether abrupt or gradual, stands out as its distinguishing characteristic.

The Evolution of Mullet

The mullet declined in popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s after reaching its peak in the 1980s, when it was worn by both athletes and rock stars. Celebrities like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and even actors from well-known Korean dramas have contributed significantly to its contemporary resurgence.

Types of Mullet Haircuts

1. Modern Mullet

Modern Mullet

If you want a fusion of past and present, Modern Mullet is a modern twist on the traditional mullet having the business look in the front and the party look in the back. In this philosophy still present but a more polished style. This features a more seamless blending of top and sides that typically incorporates fades 

2. Short Mullet 

Short Mullet 

Short Mullet is a hairstyle with quite short hair, even at the back. It can be an excellent option for someone who wants a stylish look without going overboard because it is subtler than other mullets.

3. Shag Mullet

Shag Mullet

Shag Mullet is a hairstyle with the combined features of shag cut with mullet. The hairs are cut in more layers to create a more volumetric messy appearance. These volume layers are settled at the back of the head for the tousled look. 

4. Takuache Mullet

Takuache Mullet

Whenever there is a discussion of the Mexican-American community, the first popular style that comes to mind is the Takuache Mullet. Takuache Mullet is a style to cut hair taper and fade on the sides while leaving the back hairs longer.

5. 80s Mullet

80s Mullet

80s Mullet name is a self-explanatory hairstyle. The 1980s Mullet was famous, iconic, and loud in the rock scene of the 80s. The 80s Mullet hairstyle is best for long-hair lovers as it gives volume on the top and leaves a longer tail at the back to channel 80s vibes. 

6. Curly Mullet Haircut

Curly Mullet Haircut

You have curly hair. If you want to style it to give it a traditional look, then don’t worry, Curly Mullet Haircut is there to give you a special look with your normal hair type. This hairstyle can be maintained by just adjusting the curls, especially the elongated curls on the back. 

7. Faded Mullet Haircut

Faded Mullet Haircut

The faded Mullet Haircut is a hairstyle known for its sleek transition creation. Faded Mullet Haircut blends the sharpness of fade with Mullet. Faded Mullet is a haircut that keeps short hair on top, which gradually increases in length at the back, more specifically, longer hair at the back. The sides of the faded Mullet Haircut keep Bald at the bottom and longer at the top.  

8. Reverse Mullet Haircut

Reverse Mullet Haircut

Reverse Mullet is also known as “tellum”. The reverse name indicates that we have to cut the hairs in the reverse direction, so Reverse Mullet is the hairstyle to cut hairs reversely from traditional mullet. This haircut can be attained by cutting the shorter hairs at the back while leaving the longer hairs in front. Reverse Mullet is to grow the front hairs according to a desired length while keeping the back hair significantly short. 

9. Jeff Wittek Mullet

Jeff Wittek Mullet

Jeff Wittek Mullet’s hairstyle attained popularity online due to the haircut by the famous personality “Jeff Wittek.” It is a blended variety of Modern mullet, creating an appearance that is more textured and layered. Jeff Wittek Mullet is a mixture of urban, edgy, and modern, providing a slightly rugged look to men. 

10. Korean Mullet 

Korean Mullet

Korean Mullet is a famous hairstyle in Korean culture. Korean Mullet haircut creates a softer look for men by trimming the side and back. This haircut keeps the back of their heads relatively shorter, not too long, which is sometimes paired with bangs as a tradition. 

 How to Choose the Right Mullet for You

1. Face shape Consideration

The appeal of the mullet can be enhanced or diminished depending on the face shape. We should keep in mind the shape of the face before making the decision about the hairstyles, whether the face is Oval, Heart-shaped, or Square. Based on a person’s facial features, a qualified stylist can choose the optimal mullet variation.

2. Hair Texture and Length

The mullet hairstyle has a unique feature in that it has variation depending on the natural texture of the hair, whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight. The mullet style that will retain and look the best will depend on this factor.

3. Lifestyle Factors

What is your lifestyle? This question should be answered when selecting the best mullet hairstyle. If your workplace is formal, a short mullet hairstyle should be suggested for a decent look. Similarly, for art and unorganized industries, there are many other variations in Mullet haircuts, like modern, faded, short, and shag Mullet.

How to Style Mullet

The most common products used to style the Mullet hairstyle are hair clay, hair spray for holding the hairs in an accurate position, and hair gel to add a glassy look to the presentation.

Mullet hairstyles have a wide variety of haircuts to add volume to hair, you can blow dry the hair, and to produce a casual look, finger combing can be done with the product. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid

The most common mistakes men make are over-layering, improper transition, and selecting unsuitable mullet styles according to face structure and hair texture. You can correct this common mistake, or you can keep yourself safe from making mistakes by having regular consultations with an experienced hairstylist. You should try to avoid the DIY experiment to keep your look best with the mullet hairstyle so that you can rock it. 


The Mullet hairstyle isn’t just a hairstyle; it is a cultural phenomenon that leads you to embrace either providing the classic 80s vibe or obtaining the modern twist; it perfectly captures your spirit. The Mullet hairstyle made a return in 2023 by evolving into different hairstyles that can enhance your look and personality. The Mullet hairstyle is a versatile haircut with an iconic history and deep roots in tradition. Now it is a trendy and powerful hairstyle that provides you with confidence with all hair types and face structures to rock in society. 


1. Is the mullet difficult to maintain? 

 Depending on the kind, it can need daily styling and routine trims, but the impact is worthwhile.

2. Can someone with thin hair rock a mullet? 

Definitely. Think about mullet variations that can be adjusted to work with thinner hair textures, such as the short mullet or the modern mullet.

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