Scalp Massage for Hair Growth: 7 Myths, Methods, and Miracles

Unlock the science of scalp massage for optimal hair growth. Explore its benefits and effective techniques.

Healthy hair can help with experimenting with different hairstyles. In order to maintain healthy hair it is important to maintain a healthy scalp. In general, an effective hair care routine focused on nourishing the scalp can stimulate optimal hair growth. In this article, our team will provide you with information about how to maintain a healthy scalp.

Understanding Hair Growth

How does hair growth work?

How does hair growth work?

Hair growth is a collective process involving multiple stages and factors. It begins within hair follicles and small structures in the skin. During the active growth phase called anagen, cells within the hair bulb divide rapidly, forming the hair shaft. This phase can last for a few years. After anagen, hair enters the transitional phase called catagen, where the follicle shrinks, and hair growth stops. The resting phase, known as telogen, follows catagen and lasts for several weeks to months. During telogen, new hair begins to grow beneath the old hair, which eventually sheds in the exogen phase.

Common causes of hair loss and slow hair growth

causes of hair loss and slow hair growth

A traditionally common cause of hair loss is an extensive period of stress. Sometimes genetic diseases can also contribute to this problem, resulting in hair thinning and eventually balding.

The benefits of scalp massage for promoting hair growth

benefits of scalp massage for promoting hair growth

Scalp massage is one of the factors that contribute to a healthy scalp. You should cultivate the habit of massaging your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes a day. This helps blood circulation to the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth with full strands.

The Science Behind Scalp Massage

Overview of the anatomy of the scalp and hair follicles

As mentioned above hair growth is a cyclical process where the hair follicle undergoes different phases of growth. The scalp basically is skin and has the same anatomical structure just like on any other body part. It carries the same functions such as producing oil or sweat all over the body. With hair follicles, they are primarily in the active phase where they work to produce hair fiber. From there, they transition to another phase which lasts up to two to three weeks, and hair shaft growth. After it ends up undergoing the rest phase where the hair shaft goeth does not occur leading to the death of that hair strand and the growth of another with the same cycle.

How scalp massage stimulates blood flow and promotes hair growth

Sometimes blood circulation isn’t regulated enough for the blood and nutrients to reach the scalp. Scalp massages for about five to 10 minutes with gentle pressure can increase the blood flow which eventually boosts the metabolism and helps to increase more intake of vitamins and other necessary nutrients for better hair growth.

Benefits of Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

Stimulation of blood flow and circulation

A good massage leads to the relaxation of muscles around the hair. This simultaneously helps with better blood circulation which might be impeded because of tensions in the muscles around the scalp. 

Unclogging of hair follicles

Massage helps create room for new hair growth as it unclogs the hair roots from excessive oil production or flakiness around the follicle. As these factors highly contribute to hair loss and slow hair growth which might as well lead to hair thinning.

Increased oxygenation and nourishment of the scalp and hair roots

Lack of nutrients and oxygen can lead to dullness of hair and gradually inhibit hair growth. Running or any other daily routine of exercise can help boost blood circulation which increases the oxygenation of the blood and increases the effective functioning of all organs of the body.

How to Perform a Scalp Massage

Step-by-step instructions for performing a scalp massage

Traditionally you can opt for a simple method where you follow using the fingertips of both your hands and apply gentle pressure while moving around in small circles all over your scalp. You should work your way all over the scalp gently for about 5 to 10 minutes with continuous motion. 

Recommended techniques and tools, such as massage oil or a scalp brush

Sometimes it is difficult to just take time out separately for a massage session. in order to maintain this habit you can incorporate this massage technique while showering. it will not only help with circulation but also will help with cleansing of any dead cells or excessive oil accumulation around hair follicles which might be inhibiting hair growth. not only that with tools like scalp brushes it is easier to work your way through the scalp without tangling your hair and causing more damage to the hair afterward.

In the end 10 to 15 minutes of self-care once or twice a day would not harm anyone but help you maintain good hygiene with better hair growth. by taking out some time for yourself at the end of a tireless day just put on something to watch or listen to and gently massage your scalp in a slow circular motion with a gentle amount of pressure and relieve yourself from the stress. and relieve the tension of the muscles around the scalp and relax.

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