Men’s Haircuts for Oval Faces: 4 Unbeatable Styles to Transform!

Your hair is more than just a mere accessory—it's the crown that defines your entire look. Elevate your style game with our ultimate guide to styling oval faces, created by the experts at Menz Planet.

Your hair is more than just a mere accessory—it’s the crown that defines your entire look. Every strand holds the power to transform your appearance and boost your confidence. 

Imagine a world where every flicker of your hair effortlessly complements your facial features, making them shine like never before. 

A world where you possess the knowledge and expertise to style your locks with precision, enhancing your natural beauty in ways you never thought possible. 

Elevate your style game with our ultimate guide to styling oval faces, created by the experts at Menz Planet

Characteristics of an Oval Face Shape

Description of the typical features of an oval face shape

With perfect visual balance, oval-shaped faces are considered the best face shape for men. as the proportions between different facial features are proportionately divided among each other thus it appears visually pleasing to human eyes.

Comparison with other face shapes

Every face shape has its pros and cons but if we compare these face shapes with each other the one that stands out is the oval shape face because the facial features such as the forehead, jawline, and cheekbones are evenly balanced which makes it the perfect face shape for men.

Popular haircuts for Oval Face

Buzz Cut

Men's Haircuts for Oval Faces

The buzz cut is a very short haircut achieved by using electric clippers to cut the hair very close to the scalp. The name “buzz cut” comes from the buzzing sound made by the clippers during the haircut. It results in a uniform length of hair all over the head and requires minimal styling. The buzz cut is low-maintenance and provides a clean, neat, and often masculine appearance. It’s a popular choice for those who prefer a practical and fuss-free hairstyle. Discover the latest trends with us.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut for oval face shape

The crew cut is similar to the buzz cut in terms of its short length, but it has a few distinct differences. In a crew cut, the hair on the top of the head is slightly longer than in a buzz cut. It is typically styled with a fade on the sides, which means the hair gradually tapers from shorter lengths at the sides and back to longer lengths on top. The crew cut offers a more versatile look compared to the buzz cut, and it can be suitable for various face shapes and hair types. It requires minimal day-to-day styling, making it a popular choice for those seeking a clean and classic appearance.

Long Hair

Long Hair oval  face

This refers to hairstyles where the hair is allowed to grow out to a significant length. Having long hair can offer various styling options and is often associated with a more mature and attractive appearance. The suitability of long hairstyles for a particular face shape can depend on the individual’s features. However, it’s generally believed that long hairstyles work well with sharp edges and a chiseled jawline. Long hair allows for different styling possibilities, including tying it up, creating braids, or leaving it loose.

The Flow

john snow haircut

The flow is a hairstyle that doesn’t necessarily require extremely long hair. It is characterized by having medium-length hair that is typically pushed back away from the face. This style gives a relaxed and effortless look while exuding a certain aesthetic vibe. The flow can be achieved by growing the hair to a length where it can be easily swept back using a comb or simply by using the hands. It offers a laid-back and stylish appearance, often associated with a sense of confidence and individuality.

Styling Tips for Oval Face Shapes

Grow facial hair

If you want to add some character to your look, grow some facial hair. A well-groomed beard or mustache can add definition to your jawline.

Avoid Fringes

If you have an oval face shape, avoid hairstyles with fringes because they can make your face look shorter and wider.

Frame Your Face

When choosing sunglasses or eyeglasses, opt for frames that are wider than the broadest part of your face. This helps maintain the natural balance of your oval face shape.

Embrace Versatility: 

Oval faces are considered the most balanced and versatile face shape. You can experiment with various hairstyles and looks without worrying too much about proportions.

In the end, with perfect proportions, you don’t really need to put a lot of effort but with some research, you can give a lot more clarity to your preferences. This will help you vocalize your preferences to your barber and guide him to achieve the best results.

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