Peaky Blinders Haircut: The Ultimate Guide to Achieving the Shelby Look

Have you ever been fascinated by the outfits of the main characters in a historical play and wished to wear them? The extremely popular series “Peaky Blinders,” which also enthralls viewers with its holding plot, has created a fashion revolution, especially in the realm of men’s hair. Let’s explore the Peaky Blinders haircut and learn why it continues to be popular.


peaky blinders haircut

In addition to its fascinating display, Peaky Blinders, which is set against the gritty background of post-WWI Birmingham, also brilliantly displays the tempting wardrobe of the Roaring Twenties. The famous Peaky Blinder haircut symbolizes the timeframe of risk-taking haircuts in the world of men’s aesthetics, thus creating a transformation in society.

Understanding the Peaky Blinders Haircut

Historical Context

The horrors of the First World War favoured the freedom in 1920s. Men’s appearance expressed their personalities with elegant clothes, and distinct hairstyles and challenged the norms. These challenges resulted in a more practical and stylish haircut as Peaky Blinder haircut.  

Key Feature

This haircut, characterized by long hair on top and often short hair on the sides and back, symbolizes masculinity and rebelliousness.  It is a versatile haircut that allows many styles, from the slicked-back to textured. It provides you with a distinct aura of elegance and authority. 

Character-Specific Haircut

Thomas Shelby: textured Crop

Thomas Shelby haircut

It is iconic with subtle waves and volume at the top, especially the crown area. Mate hair product is used on damp hair to achieve this style, with styling done through fingers to ensure a natural finish.  

Arthur Shelby: Slicked Back Undercut

Arthur Shelby haircut

This sleek haircut is the presentation of an author’s power. This hairstyle style is also maintained by keeping long hair on top while sides and back short hairs.  Glossy hair product is applied to the hair and combing them backward smoothly.

John Shelby: Short Crop

John Shelby haircut

A short crop is a minimalistic hair cut with edgy and sophisticated. This style maintains the hair length throughout the head, light products are used to create a soft and natural look.

Michael Gray: side parting

Michael Gray haircut

The air of elegance is added to the men’s character through Michael Gray’s haircut, featuring a side parting. Hairs are kept longer on top, and a comb is used to style this hairstyle, creating a neat side parting.

The Cultural Significance of Haircut

Why the specific haircut? 

Historically this hairstyle has a military background from WWI, as soldiers required short hair for easy maintenance and hygiene. This military influenced the era of individualism and gave origin to the Peaky Blinders Style.


historians argue with them on their creative liberty-taken hairstyles, Overall 1920s aesthetics were nailed by the series. The historical haircut might be more fashionable nowadays as compared to modern undercuts.

DIYGuide: Achieving the Peaky Blinders Look 

Why not try the haircut to fully embrace the Peaky spirit? Get yourself some nice scissors, clippers, and a comb. Trim the back and sides first, leaving the top longer. You can either texture, slick back, or side part your hair, depending on the character style you’ve chosen. Use only the hair product that will give you the desired result.


Modern men’s fashion has been forever influenced by the Peaky Blinders series, which has renewed interest in the Roaring Twenties. More than just a haircut, it makes a strong statement that exudes strength, confidence, and a hint of rebellion. Why not embrace your inner Shelby and enhance your concept of style by adopting this classic look?

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