What is My Face Shape? The Ultimate Men’s Guide to Facial Recogination

Have you ever noticed that you are different from others due to the unique face shape that reflects your personality and how elegantly it influences the perception of the world about you?

In a broad prospectus of personal style, the silhouette of your visage plays an unexpected pivotal role. It is a silent describer, telling the epics of your character even before you speak. Your face shape decides what is best for you, which will suit you in a world of fashion and beauty. From the perfect pair of glasses to a complementary hairstyle, all depend on the face shape, knowing the contours of your face, opens up a world of tailored style opportunities for you.


To unlock the personalized world of fashion and beauty you must understand the face shape. The contour of your face gracefully guides you to make decisions about personal styling and grooming your personality. Simply it is a foundation for making choices that help to highlight your best features like hairstyle, and eyeglasses.

The Science Behind Face Shapes

Throughout history, Civilizations like artists and scientists have performed studies on facial structures in modern psychology. It suggests the perception of someone’s personality according to the facial structure. It can be right or wrong but everyone has some facial features which put a first impression on others about his/her personality and character. 

 Tools Needed for Measuring Face Shape

The most common and flexible tool for measuring the length of anything is measuring tape. It is essential to categorize your face shape correctly, without it you won’t be able to make the best style choice for your face either its selection of sunglasses or a haircut.

Step by step Guide to determine your face shape 

To determine the face shape it is crucial to measure the width of every feature:

Forehead width: Measure the width between eyebrows and hairline, the widest part of the forehead mainly the center of the forehead horizontally.  

Cheekbone width: Measure the width of the check below the eye level. It should be measured through the highest point below the eye.

Jawlinebone width: Measure between the start from the angle upward near the ear to the base of the jaw.

Face length: it is the measurement between the forehead from the hairline to the end of the chin and the pointed tip area. 

Analyze the measurement: compare and observe the most prominent measurement to analyze your face shape and its prediction which is influenced by the face structures.

Different Face Shapes

You can name the shape of your face based on the measurements you have taken.


Oval face shape

Oval Face shape is categorized as an oval face when the width of the forehead is wider than the chin while the length of the face is almost half of the width.


Square face shape


When you take the measurements of all widths and you notice that all measurements are relatively equal then this shape of the face can be named a square face


Round face shape

The word round itself describes that there would be a curve on the face, so the person with prominent cheekbones and a rounded chin will have a round face. 


Rectangular face shape


In this shape, the length of the face is longer than the width of the face with a straight hairline and rounded chin. 


Heart face shape

In a heart-shaped face, the forehead and cheekbone are wider along with the narrow chin, resembling the heart geometry, this type of face shape will be labeled as a heart-shaped face.


Diamond face shape

This type of face shape has some measurements opposite to the heart shape i.e. narrow forehead and jaw with prominent cheekbones. 


Triangular face shape

Triangle face shape is classified as a triangular face shape with the measurements of the jawline significantly wider as compared to the cheekbone and forehead. 

Tips and tricks for Accurate Measurement

face shape chart

For the accurate measurement of anything it is most important that the tool used for measurement should be accurate. First of all, check the measuring tape is accurate, and straight and avoid pulling it too tight. To avoid any error it is best to take measurements more than once for consistency. 

How face shape influence the style choice

Your face is the road map that guides you about many styles according to the shape of your face you have. These guides included hairstyles to accessories.  The shape of the face plays an important role similar to the frame for an artist in his painting. The face shape including the angle and contouring of your face is essential for deciding on a style choice that suits you as a unique feature or personality. While considering the hairstyles it was noticed that the oval face had pulled off most of the hairstyles while the round face preferred styles with length. For the choice of glasses, a square face selects the round glasses frames, while the heart face easily balances their features with glasses having a wider bottom frame. 

Case Studies: Celebrities and Their Face Shapes

 Celebrities and Their Face Shapes

The world follows whatever the celebrities set the trends in style. They understand the uniqueness of faces aesthetically and choose an effectless style to enhance their look. Some celebrities like; Cristiano Ronaldo have an oval face, Henry Cavil has a square face, Nick Jonas has a classic heart-shaped face and Robert Pattinson has a diamond-shaped face.


Face shape recognition is not enough for having a fashion sense, it presents your unique identity. So to enter the fashion world you must understand the face shape. this will help you to choose the best style for your personality either its haircut as a hairstyle or an accessory like glasses. 

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